Light signal decoder Swiss signal type L
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Light signal decoder Swiss signal type L
Mit dem Generator Typ L ansteuerbare Signalvarianten
Signalbilder bei Haupt- und Vorsignalen
Signalbilder bei Kombinationssignalen
Schalten der Signalbilder
Signal-Hersteller und erforderliche Decoder-Konfigurationen

The signal system L is the traditional light signal system of the swiss railway. It is in use for several decades. A characteristics of this system is that both Stop and Approach, as well as speed information are shown by one or more coloured lights. There is a distinction between main and approach signals. Main signals permit or prohibit to drive on, and show the permitted maximum speed. Approach signals are in breaking distance to the main signal and show which Stop or Approach aspect is to be expected at the main signal.

Of particular interest are the combination signals that can represent both approach and main signal aspect.

The flyer for the Swiss signals type L shows the configuration.

Decoder of the Z1-series (standard and all-in-one classes) are the actual light signal decoder of the Qdecoder. Before using them on the model railway, they need to be configured. In the simplest case this is done with the programming button. However, often an additional programming with configuration variables is required. If signal aspects should be displayed, this programming can get an extensive job.

You can manually configure the decoder yourself, or you acquire a pre-configures Qdecoder-light decoder and save the configuration of the configuration variables.
Not all signal aspects are required in all cases. L-signal aspect generators of Q decoder are available in three varieties for typical use cases. One or multiple signals can be connected to one Q decoder, depending on the required number of function outputs.

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Currently, there are the following pre-configured decoder in the light signal decoder shop:

Type of decoder Connectable at the
SignalsData sheet
Signal type L
1 or 2 main or approach signals
with three to six lamps each
(thin or wide screen)
and up to three separately
switch able light outputs
- depending on the value of the configuration CV -
sbb_typ_l.breit sbb_typ_l.5_lampen_a sbb_typ_l.5_lampen_b sbb_typ_l.4_lampen sbb_typ_l.3_lampen
sbb_typ_l.vorsignal.4 sbb_typ_l.vorsignal
Download Shop
Light signal decoder
Block signal
four simple signals sbb_typ_l.2_lampen
Combination signal
1 combination signal
sbb_typ_l.kombi Download Shop


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